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Wellcome to Organic Herbal Remedies in Putney,London.

Organic Herbal Remedies can cure most of the refractory diseases with Traditional Chinese Medicine, which contains various types of treatments, such as Chinese Herbs, Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Cupping therapy

However, all kind of treatments have their own specific functions to human bodies, therefore our doctor will assign a specific series of treatments for different patients depending on their problems and health condition. 

In addition, despite the same symptoms suffered, different types of treatments and techniques would be applied for each patients on the basis of their individual body systems condition that includes circulation, immune, endocrine, respiratory, digestive, nervous systems and all the organs.

The reason why Individuals having different body systems conditions is that every single person have their own unique characteristic and different life styles, which can cause their body systems function in various ability.

As the consequence, all of our patients will receive specific treatments or treatment techniques, for example, our Chinese Herbs are mixed for each patients specifically.

What can we help?

If you are suffering any illness or diseases relate to gynaecological, nervous, digestive, skin disease and pain, such as Infertility, Monopause, Endometriosis, Pcos, Prostatitis, Irregular periods, Psoriasis, Eczema, Stroke, Epilepsy, Anxiety, Depression, Long-term lower back pain, all types of pain and etc, you are very welcome to our clinic, we will help you!

In particular, Dr.Zhou is also a specialised doctor in the field of gynaecological disease for more than 20 years, she has invented several medicines and techniques to cure the types of gynaecological disease.

Find out more information and how we cure the disease and problems, please go to 'our successful cases' or follow our Facebook: Jing Zhou(Organic Herbal Remedies) .