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Chinese Herbal Medicine
According to the TCM theoretical system, the usage of dialectical classify treatments can effectively cure most of the incurable diseases that western medicine may face difficulties to cure, such as the chronic diseases of internal organs, Gynecological diseases and Pediatric diseases. 

    There are some examples of the chronic diseases that were cured by herbal medicine in countless cases such as:

  •         Infertility                                     
  •         Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  •         Menstrual Disorder
  •         Menopausal Syndrome
  •         Chronic Nephritis
  •         Anasarca
  •         Chronic Gastroenteritis
  •         Chronic Bronchitis
  •         Asthma
  •         Malignant Tumour
  •         Chronic Disease of Liver
  •         Cardiovascular Diseases
  •         Immunodeficiency Disorders

  Chinese Herbal medicine is from 100% natural plants, therefore, there is no side effect if it is appropriately used under professional advice.