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 Acupuncture is the Physiotherapy of the TCM, it is a kind of specialised treatment that uses needles to stimulate the “acupoints”, which is expeditious and safe

There are some response points underneath our skin that connect to their representative internal organs, muscle tissues, nervous systems and bones, we call them ‘acupoints’. Stimulating the acupoints by needles is a complex ‘meridian chain’ reflection, which is used for pain relief, regulating endocrine disorders, boosting the recovery of the damaged organs etc.

There are some examples of the disease and illness that acupuncture can cure.

 Stroke and Stroke Sequela

 Peripheral Neurotrauma

 Neurogenic Bladder Dysfunction


 Respiratory Diseases

 Gastrointestinal Diseases


 Facial Paralysis




 Various Pain, such as Headache, Intercostal Neuralgia, Neck and Shoulder Syndrome, Frozen Shoulder, Tennis Elbow, Sciatica, Back Pain, Arthritis.

What Kind of effect can be achieved by combing Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs together ?

Acupuncture is an external treatment while the herbal medicine is an internal treatment. They can co-operate with each other to achieve a more expeditious result for chronic disease, especially for some refractory disease.