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Consultation (Pulse-Taking)

Many people are curious about how Traditional ChineseMedicine(TCM) practitioner can consult with pulse-taking. In general speaking, the pulse connects all of the organs within our bodies, the practitioner, therefore, can notice the diseases and estimate the diseases severity and incidence.


Firstly, the pulse is generated by the opening and closing of the aortic valve in the heart, which means the heart controls the blood flows from the heart to the pulse. In addition, 'Zong Qi' that is a kind of'Qi' in TCM, guides the direction of blood flows.


Although the heart plays the most important role in pulse formation, it is also essential for the other organs to work together with the heart. For example, the main function of the lungs is to exchange CO2 gases andO2 gases. Besides, since there is an uneven distribution for both of these gases in our body, blood can diffuse all over the body from high concentrations to low concentrations.


In addition, Spleen and stomach are the very first places where nutrition is given to the blood. Plus, spleen can also recycles old red blood cells, stores platelets and white blood cells, and manage the distribution of the blood. However, blood is stored in the liver, and liver also can regulate the amount of blood undergoing blood recycling.


Moreover, kidney stores 'Jing' which is all the beneficial fluids in our body including bone marrow, tissue fluid, blood and etc. 'Jing' not only has the ability to speed up the blood production, it also can be changed to 'Yang' that gives energy to all the organs and vessels for them to carry out their functions and metabolic activities. In another word, normal people tend to be more spirited, energetic and have better memory compare to people who have kidney deficiency.


In conclusion, the formation of the pulse is closely related to all the organs, so any changes or deficiencies of the organs can be detected by pulse-taking. By contrast, for western medicine, people have to go through complicated processes to perform a medical check-up, for example, various diagnostic tests and scans have to be carried out. Besides, the consultation of western medicine is not only complex, majority of the consultations are also not as accurate as pulse-taking. Based on the past experiences, medical examinations and doctors can't find a root cause for a patient's symptoms, while the pulse-taking can easily and clearly diagnose the problem. Nevertheless, consultation of western medicine can also detect illness or disease, whereas most of the time it is within the period when the diseases have reached a serious stage, which the organ(s) have already been severely damaged for an excess of 70%.


However, pulse taking is only accurate when the practitioners are experienced. A professional Chinese doctor can even know the gender of a fetus by pulse-taking